Deadline is Sunday, Jan 17th for Dinner Theatre Tickets!

There are still tickets available for the Upstage Players dinner theatre presentation of the comedy "Who Poisoned His Meatball?"  Tickets are $25, but the last day to purchase the tickets is Sunday, January 17th!  Contact Lisa at 320-573-2894.  Tickets will also be sold on Friday, January 15th in the commons of UHS during the basketball game.  As well as on Sunday, January 17th at St. Mary's Catholic Church at 9:00 am (after the 8 am service) and Gethsemane Lutheran Church at 11:30 am (after the 10:30 service).  You may also contact one of the cast members:  Marc Kuepers, Arlene Warga, Wendy Rene, Bill Davison, Josh Knudtson, Carolyn Kokett, Leonice Prokott, Lisa Hansen, Jax Pearson, Pam Schoon, Mark Koehn, Jeff Czech, Molly Schnell, Patty Gunderson and Mary Frie.