Winter Show 2017!

The Upstage Players are in the midst of planning their winter show for 2017!  The production will be the last weekend in January or the first weekend in February or possibly a combination of the two!  Auditions will be held towards the end of November. The Arts Board annual meeting is October 23rd at 4:00 in the Upsala high school commons.  It is open to the public.  We will have our financial review, election of officers (must be a board member), and make final decisions regarding the winter show.  Check back for updates!

Show was Cancelled

The last weekend in July is normally a busy weekend for the Upstage Players as on a normal summer we would be producing our yearly musical.  I am sad to announce that this summer that is not the case.  We did not have enough people audition for the musical we had chosen.  We looked at performing radio shows instead but had issues tracking down who to pay the royalties to.  By this point, there wasn't enough time to  produce a different musical in the standard our audience was accustom to.  Never fear, however, as we are already in the works for the winter production (to be held at the end o

Summer Musical Announced

The summer musical for the Upsala Upstage Players will be "Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?" based on the novel by John R. Powers.  Music and Lyric by James Quinn and Alaric Jans.  It is a coming of age show that encounters the most entertaining aspects of adolescence.  Why shouldn't girls wear pearl necklaces or black patent leather shoes?  Why aren't there cookie cutters in heaven?  Come and be a part of the show and find out!  Auditions are May 17th at 7:00 pm in the Upsala High School auditorium.  Show dates will be July 29-August 1st.

Thank You!

Thank you to those who attended the Upstage Player's presentation of "Who Poisoned His Meatball?" at the end of January.  It was a fun producton for both the audience and the cast.   A special thank you to St. Mary's Church for allowing us to use their beautiful facility, to the Guardian Angel's Youth Group for the fantastic service and to Uncle B's for the wonderful food.  It wouldn't have been a success without you!

Who Poisoned His Meatball?

An Upstage Players rehearsal photo  for "Who Poisoned His Meatball?" by Craig Sodaro (special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service).  We have turned our numbers into Uncle B's catering, but BJ is allowing us to add a few so if you haven't gotten your tickets call TODAY.  Contact Lisa at 320-573-2894.  Dinner theatre tickets are $25 and must be purchased in advance.  Sunday's 2:00 pm performance is $10 and is payable at the door.

Deadline is Sunday, Jan 17th for Dinner Theatre Tickets!

There are still tickets available for the Upstage Players dinner theatre presentation of the comedy "Who Poisoned His Meatball?"  Tickets are $25, but the last day to purchase the tickets is Sunday, January 17th!  Contact Lisa at 320-573-2894.  Tickets will also be sold on Friday, January 15th in the commons of UHS during the basketball game.  As well as on Sunday, January 17th at St.

Who Poisoned His Meatball?

Tickets are available by contacting Lisa at 573-2894.  They will also be available at St. Mary's at 9am  and Gethsemane at 11:30 am after their service this weekend (Jan 10).  You also have the option to purchase them at UHS at the basketball games on the 8th and 9th. 

Dinner theatre tickets are available!

Tickets are available for the Upstage Player's production of "Who Poisoned His Meatball?"  by Craig Sodaro.  Contact Lisa at 320-573-2894 for tickets or stop in at one of our ticket booth events: January 3rd at 9:00 am (after 8 am mass) at St. Mary's Church, Upsala; January 8th at boys basketball game at UHS (see Denise or Dan Cheney); January 9th at girls basketball game at UHS (see Denise or Dan Cheney); January 10th at 9:00 am (after 8 am mass) at St.

Who Poisoned His Meatball?

The Upstage Players will be presenting "Who Poisoned His Meatball?" by Craig Sodaro (special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Services) as a DINNER THEATRE!  Nero Sharpe owns half the town, so it is no surprise when he ends up dead after eatting a meatball at Lugi's Italian Restaurant.  Its up to those who are present to figure out who killed him.  Was it the restaurant owner Lugi?  The reporter that has a desire to work for The National Snoop?  Flora his wife?  Peter the artist that Nero refused to pay?  Basil the chef?  Arlene his secretary?  Or one of the other charactors that came in cont

Auditions Announced!

Auditions for "Who Poisoned His Meatball?" by Craig Sodaro will be Friday, December 11th at 6:30.  They will be held in the dinning hall of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Upsala.   Love italian food?  Love to have fun?  Want to act?  Be a part of this zany cast!  No experience is needed.  Can't make auditions but want to be involved in the show?  Contact Chantelle at


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