Cast of The Foreigner

FROGGY LESEUR - Mark KoehnCHARLIE BARKER - Bill DavisonBETTY MEEKS - Leonice ProkottREV. DAVID MARSHALL LEE - Marc KuepersCATHERINE SIMMS - Jessica DavisonOWEN MUSSER - Jax PearsonELLARD SIMMS - Larry Johnson


Don't forget, auditions for The Foreigner are November 20.

Cast photo

Cast photo of Phantom of the Country Opera!

Auditions this Thursday!

The Upstage Players will hold auditions this Thursday (May 23rd) at 7:00 pm in the Upsala High School auditorium for the musical Phantom of the Country Opera based on a book by Sean Grennan and Kathy Santen.  8 men and 6 women plus a full chorus are needed. While singing and dancing are a part of the show, all levels of talent are welcome.  Performance dates are Friday, July 26-Mon, July 29th.    If you are unable to attend auditions, but want to be in the show please contact Leonice Prokott at or 573-4965; or Pam Schoo

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